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The employers who use Hygrade Staffing are a diverse group, including major law firms, marketing companies, nonprofits, food service companies, and even a minor league baseball team.

These employers come to us for many reasons: some because of our great customer service, quality personnel and intensive screening; others because of our quick response, customized employee orientations, and ongoing employee support.

Our recruiters have access to a citywide network of job training programs. For employers with diversity requirements, this access can be the key to finding skilled personnel that help them fulfill these goals. Other companies useHygrade because they believe in our mission and want to make an investment in the future of Toronto.

Employers find Hygrade adaptable to their needs. Some companies use us only for temporary personnel, some for permanent hires. Some look to us to staff many people in one position, such as customer service. Others use us for all openings, everyone from General Laborers to Skilled Worker to Forklift Operator to Technicians.


Hygrade serves a wide array of companies. From the law firm, to Industry, from the factory to cleaning program: Hygrade meets all of their staffing needs.


Hygrade is committed to meeting your staffing needs. You can place an order by filling out the FORM and clicking “submit.” A Hygrade Account Representative will call you with a rate quote. You can also place an order by calling us at 416-635-5364..


At Hygrade Employment Solutions, our work does not end when we find you the right person for the job. We make sure that our associates have all of the information and support they need to hit the ground running. In addition, as your needs change, we give them the support they need to adapt and grow.

1. At your request we will create customized orientations, employee manuals, and training programs to prepare associates for specific positions within your organization.

2.We provide our employees with ongoing coaching and support so the quality of service you receive continually improves. This includes:
Computer skills training
Interpersonal communication tips
Coaching on independent task management.

We are always in close contact with our associates and we genuinely care about their personal and professional growth. So our employees trust us. This trust and communication in turn helps us provide the reliable, high quality service we are known for.


At Hygrade Employment Solutions we know that screening and matching are the foundation of our business. We take the time to get to know our clients, understand their organizational culture and the intangible requirements of each job. And we work hard to get to know our associates, to understand their interests and strengths so that we know the type of environment in which they will thrive.

This screening process ensures that employers get the quality personnel they need:

Our recruiters are experienced industry professionals. They ensure that our associates meet the highest standards of the industry.
Prospective associates move through a series of interviews designed to select the most motivated, reliable, and teachable applicants.
We administer a series of skills tests using industry-standard testing software to assess proficiency in the skills employers need.
With a personal touch work to understand the culture and staffing needs of our customers, and match them with associates who are a good fit.